About Us

We believe it is our attention to detail that brings families to choose our services. It is our focus to make sure each service is treated with the same care and professionalism whether it is a service with hundreds of participants or a simple graveside ceremony; all are treated with the same equal respect. 

With our two locations, it allows families a choice and enables us to serve a wider range of the communities we are located nearby. Our Utica funeral home has been a funeral home since the 1930’s and we established our New York Mills location in 1998. We believe however, it is not how long a funeral home has been established, but how well it serves the families who chose them. Our funeral homes are far more than brick and mortar, the foundation which they stand are the dedicated and committed individuals who respond to an incredibly important role: taking care of individual’s at the most difficult time in their life by catering to their every need.

Today the wide range of services requested require a competent and flexible staff which we are proud to have. Mermorialization of one’s life is what we do, and today there are numerous varieties of options that are available; while also maintaining respect for the deep traditions many area families have.

More and more families are making the choice to plan their funerals in advance than ever before. It has proven to add peace of mind and ease at the time of death when done. There are also options of pre-financing, which in New York State have the best consumer protection laws in regard to where the funds are placed. Our staff our experts in the field of prearranging and explaining all the details. We also provide the most up to date literature when requested..